The time is definitely now for the construction industry!

In recent years, the construction industry has rapidly become one of the United Kingdom’s most attractive employers. With a surge in apprenticeships, and a hefty injection of profits, the construction industry has undergone a transformation for the better. Architects are gaining an increasing number of new projects and the industry looks like it will go from strength to strength in future years. With this newly secure footing and this boost in confidence, those working at all levels in the construction industry are becoming ever more eager to try out new ideas. Innovation and creativity have become bywords in this industry, with impressive new buildings already becoming landmarks throughout the UK. One example is the famous Shard building in London, an innovative architectural project which, alongside other buildings like the ‘Gherkin’ have changed the skyline of London for the better. Current trends in the construction industry, therefore, focus on imagination, on pushing the boundaries of technological research, and on testing out the capabilities of new materials. The result is the rise of a clean, modern, and intelligent architectural aesthetic.

Steel buildings are coming to the fore as a result of these current trends in the construction industry.

One of the areas in which creativity, innovation, and imagination are being applied most vigorously in the construction industry in the present day is that of ecologically friendly buildings. Indeed, the government and other policy makers, including local authorities, are increasingly putting pressure on the construction industry to make the environment one of its key concerns. That means that an ethic of sustainability and ecological responsibility has come to underpin many aspects of the modern construction industry. And that is precisely why building made from steel have become so popular in the current construction industry. Steel is the most widely recycled material on earth, and the United Kingdom is certainly no exception when it comes to recycling huge volumes of steel every day. Steel buildings can be completely fashioned from recycled steel, thus embracing an environmentally friendly agenda. Strong and durable, light weight and versatile, buildings made from steel can be utilised for a wide variety of purposes. The clean contours, and simple yet elegant style of the buildings that are being constructed from steel today are a testament to the way in which responsibility towards the environment is perfectly suited to the current trends in the construction industry.