Open Farm Shed Steel Agricultural Building

Open Farm Shed Steel Agricultural Building

Our Steel framed metal sheds are provide all purpose storage for the farm and agricultural industry.

We can provide any size of building with as few or as many bays as you require. Bays can be closed or left open as displayed in the image below.

Our sheds are resistant to all weather conditions and come insulated or as a single skin so they are ideal for livestock such as sheep, cows or horses or vehicles such as combines tractors and trailers. They could also be used for feed storage.

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Example Open Farm Shed Steel Building:


6m (19.7ft) width x 8m (26.3ft) length & 2.7m (8.8ft) to eaves.

Building Specification

  • Made from cold rolled Cee-section columns and rafters.
  • All framework is hot dipped galvanised steel to BS EN 10147 Fe E350G-Z275.
  • Single Skin Box Profile Cladding, Juniper Green Steel Sheeting.
  • Anti-Condensation Barrier coating on roof.
  • 2 x 4m (13ft) Open Bays
  • All plastisol coated guttering and down-pipes and necessary screws, bolt sets, masonry anchors, screw caps and brackets required to erect this building are included.
  • Steel Building kit Delivered to a Mainland UK address.


[message type=”info”]Price – £3,500.00+ VAT. All steel buildings are engineered to suit the exact specification and erection location therefore prices may vary slightly from this example.[/message]

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