Steel Building Finance Options

Finance Options

Why pay for your new steel building in full, upfront when you can spread your payments over time, in line with the return on your investment and make significant tax savings too?

Steel Building Finance : Alternative Payment Option

Cyclone Steel Buildings can offer finance solutions through our partners, Blue Stone Leasing allowing your new steel building costs to be spread over a fixed term making the purchase more affordable whilst introducing a number of key benefits;

Why would you want to pay for a depreciating asset up front rather than spreading the cost over a manageable period?

Our range of products offer a variety of different Steel Building Financing Solutions, all of which offer benefits over simple capital expenditure.

Capital investment decisions are critical to the financial viability of all organisations. Whether you are a sole trader, government body or an international conglomerate the principles are still the same: a poor investment, or no investment at all, could leave your business in a position where it cannot compete effectively in the market place. Key to this decision is not just what to invest in but how to finance the investment.

Lease finance provides an attractive alternative to other methods of finance such as cash or a bank loan. Typically, leasing offers a way for your business to finance a wide variety of assets and related intangible items.

  • Your business pays less tax as rentals are fully allowable against tax, where as a purchase may not be.
  • Payments are spread and can be tailored to your cash flow over the useful life of the assets, allowing you to budget and manage your cash flow in an efficient manner.
  • You can bridge the gap between what you need and what you can afford.
  • Your existing lines of credit are unaffected allowing you to invest or use your money elsewhere.
  • You can manage obsolescence without writing off large single sums.
  • You can upgrade the assets or add other assets to the lease at any point during the rental period.
  • There is an option for the funding to not be disclosed on your balance sheet.
  • You pay VAT on each payment rather than up-front.

90% of the Times Top 100 companies, professional firms and local authorities use leasing, as do many smaller and medium sized companies.

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